Imessage delivered on mac but not iphone

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Turning off iMessage service and turning it on is also very useful in fixing not delivered iMessage blocked problem. Go to Settings and then head over to iMessage and then Switch off the iMessage toggle bar.

Now restart your device, just turn it off and on again using the Power button. Enable iMessage again, try to send a message to see if it helps. For the average crypto practitioner, navigating the crypto space can prove to be a daunting task, even as the crypto…. Cardholders have real-time access to any funds collected and will not have to pay any service fees WeTravel, a payment…. Over million people actively use Outlook every month.

If you are an Outlook user, you know the importance of…. However, despite trying our very best, there is just…. Introduced along iOS 5, iMessage is a messaging service developed by Apple that allows users to communicate between each other.

Select Where You Can Be Reached

One of the main benefits of iMessage is that it syncs your communications between any device that you have enabled. For instance, you can receive an iMessage on your iPhone, and theoretically, the same message should be on your Mac. If the cause of the problem often is a human error, it appears that sometimes a slight technical glitch can be at the root of the issue. In this post, I will show you several ways to fix your iMessages not syncing between your devices….

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In most cases, you can be reached at the phone number linked to your iPhone, and your Apple ID email addresses. If you don't see anything, move around until you can get a signal, or find nearby Wi-Fi. This was an issue in iOS in early , where iMessages for a given conversation would show up in different sequences for the people in the conversation, like a movie script that got jumbled up. One hypothesis for the cause of this bug is a conflict with the automatic date and time settings, which screwed up the chronology of texts.

Turn "Set Automatically" off for a minute, then back on. Fair warning that activating iMessage can take hours, so if it's not working immediately, check back later. If you're getting a prompt that says "Activation unsuccessful," or "Waiting for activation," this may be an issue with your wireless carrier, requiring you to call customer service. If it's already on, but still giving you green texts or behaving erratically, turn iMessage off, then on again.

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Since most peoples' devices save contacts with a priority on the phone number, make sure the Start New Conversations From field at the bottom has a check next to your phone number and not your email address. If you want to be able to send and receive iMessages on another Apple device, start on your phone, or whatever device has the SIM card attached to your phone number.


You should see every device you have registered to your Apple ID. Check the tab for whichever ones you want to use. Old messages, especially those with video or photos, can slow down iMessage. Find old conversations you won't miss, swipe left, then hit Delete to free up space. If you swap videos or photos often, this will also free up space on your phone's overall storage.

If you're still getting Not Delivered errors or green text bubbles, it's time to begin a variety of turn-it-off-then-turn-it-on-again tricks.