How to download minecraft forge mac 1.5.2

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How to Install Forge for Minecraft 1.5.2 (Mac OSX 10.6+)

Help us by reporting it. Install instructions: If you already have Minecraft installed, skip ahead to step 7. To download Minecraft, go here. If given the option, save the file. Minecraft is working its magic, so just let it do its thing. When Minecraft is finished installing, this window will appear. Go ahead and sign in. Upon successful sign in, this is what you will see. To install Minecraft 1.

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Because we want to use version 1. You might see a green loading bar. At this point, we highly recommend creating a desktop shortcut to the Minecraft. Download Minecraft Forge 1. First, go here. Click the Installer link.

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After you click the installer, this what you will see. Click it.

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Too many items mod download mac 1.5.2

It is recommended to read this article first in order to safely install mods and use a modded Minecraft without problems. Forge supports only Java Edition 1. Sign In. From Minecraft Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. Categories : Java Edition Tutorials. Nicotine Feb 16, JR Feb 17, Sarah Mar 10, JR Mar 10, JR Mar 16, So long as you have the mod it should work. Only reason you would need a different profile is if the mods required a different minecraft client version 1.

Sarena Mar 27, Whenever we install forge no desktop icon appears and it can only be found by searching Finder and is only listed in the downloads folder, nowhere else. JR Mar 28, Troy Nov 28, We then downloaded a Jar file for the Pixelmon mod and thats where we are stuck. No programme i use seems to extract the files in it Help required.

They are fine the way they are. Reply if you need more help. Chase Mar 28, JR Mar 30, Emily Mar 30, And if I crashed minecraft by adding TMI to the mod folder…. So when trying to play under forge the game disappears… They can still play under their log in name… Any suggestions? JR Mar 31, I would check versions confirm that the mod version you have is compatible with the forge client and minecraft version you are running. I would also check and see if any other mods are working if they are that would tell you that it is something specific with that mod and confirmation.

Candi Daitch Apr 21, Would it be awkward to say I love you? There are some mods for 1. JR Apr 22, Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen May 10, It says to check the console for possible errors. Please help. JR May 11, Can you tell me what stage of the tutorial you are at, and how you are opening the jar?

Should be able to just double click it should expand in your find. Hola from Barcelona! Great turorial. I have the same problem as Smitty, when I doble click the forge jar. Could it be the Mac system that I need to upgrade?! I have My kid is so crazy about playing pokemon mod. JR Jun 09, One thing to try is to try launching the jar file from the terminal command line. That way the error message would hang around and I could see what you guys are seeing. Sophia May 19, Brady Alexander Crabb Dec 01, Doc J May 29, Note: apart from the mods folder there is also a coremods folder for specific core mods, and a ressourcepacks.

JR May 29, MaddogTheRobot May 31, Ann Gwinnup Jun 01, I am having a problem in step 4 — after I double click on the forge 1. Check the Console for possible error messages. JR Jun 01, I would need to see the error message to help diagnose Ann. But here is something to look for. You see the name of the file you typed above? There is a space after the numbers Not sure if you accidentally added a space to the file name, or just typed it that way when you left the message.

But the jar file should have no spaces.

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There may have been something that got messed up as you were doing it. Angela Mar 24, This happened to us, but after updating Java on our Mac — it opened nicely.

But first, a word about safety

However, now that we have forge installed, it is not opening my mods. Dan Jun 08, Thanks for helping. On my Mac running Hey Dan. See if you can find an error message, or log file or something that would give you a clue as to what went wrong. Then tell me. Aaron Jeng Jun 10, Monica Jun 11, So appreciate you sharing.

We followed the directions to get forge, downloaded the mods to the library, and I see them there. Do you have any suggestions? My 10 year old son greatly appreciates!! JR Jun 11, See step 6 above. Installing mods. Monica Jul 01, Thank you for your reply…. Could that have something to do with it? JR Jul 02, Hmm not sure. My suggestion would be to start from scratch and do it over again.