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When we feel sad or are lost in our thoughts, we often stare at some point anything which is not move will do and concentrate our thoughts inside our head or heart. So now he feels lost and sad and he's staring at the door while thinking how sorry he feels for having lost the love he used to feel inside.

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When you lose that feeling, you "stop floating" and come down to earth, but the floor is cold, so that situation is bad. You can keep it or throw it away. In old English, when a sentence started with an adverb we needed an inversion. In modern English this still happens with certain adverbs. This ring is the place where boxers fight each other by the way, today it is not a ring, but a square platform.

After a round of fighting, boxers are too exhausted and go to their corners to sit and rest. After some time, they feel better and "go back to the ring".

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The singer now feels invigorated and wants to go back to "fight". The "grand prize" is a wonderful prize, the maximum you can get in that category. That means that they are trying to make your dream go out of focus and lose intensity and reality. This simply means that he feels the presence of God. This image is drawn from the Bible: "God in the gentle breeze!

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When Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his mantle..! This is My name forever, and this is My memorial to all generations. We do NOT have the vowels, there were no vowels in the Hebrew alphabet, and pronouncing the name of God was forgiven, so in time, it was forgotten. Much later they produced a version of the Bible using vowels to help students read the now unspoken Hebrew language. They didn't know how to pronounce YHWH, but they used the vowels of the word "Adonai" to remember people that they should pronounce that word "Adonai", so the spelling was like this YaHoWaiH.

This artificial word sounded more or less like Jehovah when pronounced by modern German Jews, and that is the name that some Bibles used in their translation, though most translations preferred the traditional "the Lord". Christmas in Diverse City is TobyMac's first full-length Christmas album and fifth full-length studio album.

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It was released on October 4, Tonight is the fourth full-length solo album by Christian hip hop artist TobyMac. It is the follow-up album to his release Portable Sounds, and was released on February 9, The Deluxe Version of the album contains a DVD with interviews with Toby about the songs on the record, the making of this record and an inside look at the Diverse City Band.

The album debuted at No.

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As of early November , the album has sold over , copies. Similar artists. Britt Nicole. Matthew West. Jeremy Camp.

Songs from similar artists. I Still Believe. Broken Things. I Can Only Imagine. We Won't Be Shaken. Building Healing Begins.

TobyMac - Made To Love

Tenth Avenue North. Strong Tower. Big Daddy Weave. Just Be Held. Casting Crowns. Soul On Fire feat.

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Third Day. He Said feat. Chris August. Group 1 Crew. Alive And Transported.

Renovating Diverse City. Hits Deep Live. Double Take.