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Have MAC randomization enabled by default for all newly added networks. Validation To validate that the feature is working as intended, run both an integration test ACTS and a manual test. Connect to a Wi-Fi network. Tap the network to go to the Network details page.

Android - Locating the MAC address

Verify that MAC randomization is turned on. Verify that the MAC address displayed is a randomized MAC, which has the locally generated bit set to 1 and the multicast bit set to 0. Turn MAC randomization off. Connect to the same network and verify that the factory MAC is being used.

Every device has its own unique Mac address.

Mac Address Spoofing is a technique to change Mac Address that is assigned by its manufacturer on a networked device such as Wi-Fi device. The Mac address which is hard-coded on the network device cannot be changed. But there are some app which make it possible to change the Mac address.

Change MAC address with Terminal Emulator

In simple word the process of masking a Mac address is called Mac spoofing. Different users have different reason for changing Mac Address. There could be several reasons behind changing the Mac Address.

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First, lets learn how to check Mac Address on your device. There are several ways to change the Mac Address on Android Device. Here, I will be showing you some of the awesome ways to change Mac Address. I also want you to know that it is also possible that some manufacturer has restricted to change the Mac Address.

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So based on your device model and brand, result may differ. You better try all the given methods to change Mac address. If it works then your job is done else it is possible that your device has restriction for the manufacturer.

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Always showing this in terminal app i have installed busybox as well plzz solve my problem. On my device I typed busybox ifconfig and it showed me what was available, For me it was: lo — Local Loopback p2p0 — Ethernet wlan0 — Ethernet. Is this a one time use thing or do I have to set it every time I need it??

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Or does busy box helps maintain my spoof Mac Id? Bro u r great if u r on wifi then use wlan0 and it works great job man keep it up????????????????????

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