How to buy more ram for my mac

Disclosure: my company sells RAM. Fortunately, you can find that information online. My company offers online instructions for replacing RAM in your laptop or your Mac mini. To find out what impact additional RAM has on performance, we tested two Macs: a 1. We then ran both the Photoshop and Firefox portions of our Speedmark test suite.

But while doubling the RAM from MB to 1GB also goosed performance in both tests on both systems, the improvement was not as dramatic. In Firefox, the Power Mac completed the test 27 percent faster after its upgrade; the Mac mini, 30 percent faster. Photoshop Firefox Power Mac 1.

The Photoshop Suite test is a set of 14 scripted tasks using a 50MB file.

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The Firefox suite downloads multiple tabbed Web pages from a local server with disk cache set to zero. You can You just installed a new memory module in your Mac. Your computer's RAM is now Why would I need more RAM? If page outs are increasing continually, you need more RAM. How much RAM do I need?

What kind of RAM do I need? The whole thing should take less than five minutes.

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If you have any issues, check out our guide to troubleshooting your Mac. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android. Smarthome Office Security Linux.

The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Skip to content. Every pro computer user is different. Each of us have different jobs, different projects, and different responsibilities. That means that my needs, for my specific job, are undoubtedly going to be different from your needs. Even so, enough of you have asked about my Mac Mini purchase decision that I'm writing this article.

On any given day, I regularly use four Macs. There's an old Mac Mini driving a big TV that I use for writing, whiteboard, and watching videos. I have another Mac Mini, a model, that I use for writing in our family room.

On Which Macs Can You Upgrade the RAM?

I added this when our puppy started going through separation anxiety when I spent too much time in my office. I also have a MacBook Pro that I use when out and about. I lived off this machine for three months last year when we evacuated Florida for hurricane Irma , and for the many trips back and forth to our new house here in Oregon while it was being fixer-upper'd.

It's a nice machine, but I made the mistake of configuring it with an i5, so it's a bit of a lightweight.

How to Upgrade the RAM on Your Mac

Also: No, Apple hasn't activated a secret Mac repair kill switch -- yet. And then I have my main desktop machine. My main machine has always been the one where I produce the bulk of my work output.

How to Upgrade iMac RAM for Cheap!

That's a fully-equipped inch iMac that I bought back in I've used it as my main daily driver for five years! Prior to the iMac, I'd never been able to use a machine for more than 18 months without needing a major upgrade. The iMac lasted five years. To be fair, it's desperately needed an upgrade for about a year, but the hurricane and the big house move took precedence and I just didn't want to get a new machine until we were moved back into a permanent place. I use all my machines for light writing, web browsing, keeping up with social networks, and email. But I use my main machine for seven main workloads:.

This is what finally killed my iMac. It does one 4K stream reasonably well, but just choked with four camera feeds. I need PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other apps open, along with a bunch of research resources. Big analysis documents: When I'm working on a big analysis, I often need a bunch of documents open.

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I used to have four screens on my iMac and even that wasn't quite enough screen real estate to see everything. Coding: I support a number of open source projects, one of which manages donations for more than 10 thousand non-profits. VM simulations: I used to do network simulations of up to 16 simultaneously-running VMs. I'm not doing quite as much work with this now, so I usually don't need more than four VMs open at once. Fortunately, running Parallels, I can cut and paste between both environments, which saves a ton of time.

With a lot of my bigger projects, I've been craving a wider screen. When the ultrawide monitors started appearing a few years ago , I was bummed to discover that my iMac wouldn't support them. Then, when I started doing multicam video either with four talking heads or lots of camera angles shot simultaneously it became clear the iMac had met its match.

For me, the best fit was a Mac rather than a Windows machine.

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The Mac would run Windows, and since I need to run applications on both, I couldn't just run out and buy or build any old Windows machine. That put me in wait-and-see mode for new Macs. As I discussed a few weeks ago, there were four scenarios for a new machine to meet my workload. A Hackintosh could have done it, but I just didn't want to go that route if I could help it.

How and when to upgrade your Mac's RAM

While I'm not uncomfortable with the technical hacks to set one up, I am uncomfortable with the ongoing fiddling required for maintaining them, especially during upgrades. When I have an assignment to work on, it's sometimes very time-sensitive and I need a machine I can rely on. Since I wanted an ultrawide monitor, the screens that come with an iMac or a MacBook Pro would have been more pain than gain.

The MacBook Pro screen is too small for desktop use, and the iMac screen is unwieldy and heavy for most standard monitor stands.